Thursday 20th June, Air Flow celebrates it’s 20 years anniversary in style !

Air Flow chose Hotel de Caumont in Aix-en Provence to celebrate this anniversary.

Bringing together staff from their international bases and offices (Antwerp, Houston, Algeciras, Singapore) and all the staff from their head office in Rousset with historical partners: investors, financial institutions and industrial partners, over 200 people who have contributed to this success that Pierre Fiat was keen to thank.

An amazing evening with the visit of the outstanding “Bonnard & Japan” exhibition and a concert by the opera singer Eleonora Deveze and her amazing repertoire. Everybody appreciated and was touched by the emotion shown by Pierre Fiat, Air Flow President, who gave several anecdotes of Air Flow’s journey around the world in his speech and his sincere thanks to all the people that backed him and of course his teams. Around a glass of champagne in a festive environment, all praised Air Flow’s exceptional growth and it’s ability to become one of the gas logistics major players. This was possible by their capacity to look for and find new transport solutions and innovative services for their customer base. Friday, everything was in place for the Air Flow employees, it was their day. All took part in a 2CV treasure hunt, bringing the laughter, the fun trivia and enjoyment by the sea before an evening of celebration. A great moment of sharing, laughter & bizarre choreographies.

Again a big thanks to all our partners for their trust.
Well done on the past 20 years and let’s look forward to our future projects!