Air Flow Group

Cryo Trailer – USA

A little history

In 2004, at the turn of the century, Pierre FIAT was a visionary in anticipating the growth in the need for gas worldwide. Starting small... but not in his garage… he acquired an initial gas tank container.

Step by step, the fleet grows to meet the increased demand for gas wherever and with suitable container.

Air Flow’s mission: make gas available to professionals

With an ambitious aim: become the leading specialist of gas logistics and allow gas professionals to supply wherever their customer’s demand is.

Le Groupe Air Flow is keen to bring their high-level expertise to their customers through innovative gas transport solutions.

Thanks to its cryogenic and thermodynamic know-how, Air Flow’s technical leadership is recognised worldwide.

Air Flow : a Global company

Teams present on all continents

With 5 hubs – Houston, Singapore, Algeciras, Antwerp, Marseille – you’ll find a regional Air Flow hub that can meet you requirements and ship gas worldwide.

In each hub, a fleet of cryogenic or compressed gas tank containers will meet your demand.

Cryo Tank Convoy - Australia

Air Flow, the total control of the transport chain with their priviliged partners.

Cryo Logistics

Leading worldwide cryogenic platform

Tian SL

Spanish logistics partner

Cryo Direct

cryogenic container rental

Air Flow, a group commited to the development of hydrogen, a cleaner energy!

Group Air Flow technical know-how positions itself as a key partner for the transport and distribution of hydrogen, spearhead of clean energies. With its expertise, Air Flow is committed to make Hydrogen part of our day to day, making transport easier and bringing flexible solutions to enable new projects to start.

Member of France Hydrogene, Capenergies & BPI Excellence

Air Flow group awarded a bronze medal by Ecovadis

Ecovadis rating measures compliance and policies that impact sustainability goals in environmental, ethical & social rights as well as responsible purchasing. With this rating, Air Flow group is part of 50% of the most efficient companies recognised for their sustainable development policies. Of course we will maintain our sustainability policies and goals to reduce our impact and improve our rating over the coming years.

Need for audacity and adventure...
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