Air flow hydrogen services, and hydrogen set ups becomes easy

9 tube IsoTube Container

We are facilitators!

Indeed Air Flow Hydrogen Services has the solutions for the supply, the storage and transport of hydrogen in all circumstances.

Air Flow can provide a solution for an event, a breakdown or a regular supply. We have always the capability to serve you.

Hydrogen is an energy source of the future that will imply changes to the energy infrastructure more centred around local production: short distances, over capacity production management, one off requirements …

Thanks to Air Flow Hydrogen Services, transport is no longer a problem; we have safe & flexible solutions as our mission is to allow this energy of the future to grow in our daily life, our town, for a sustainable future.

Hydrogen cylinders
Hydrogen racks
8 tube IsoTube Container

Air Flow Hydrogen Services will guide you through the organisation of your new processes, to pursue together the solutions for tomorrow.

You have ideas, projects, innovations relating to hydrogen, we can facilitate transport to provide flexible solutions in order for your projects to see the day.

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Hydrogen simulator

Evaluate cost of road transport & storage of your hydrogen

(Enter your daily consumption and the distance between production and consumption sites)

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    Type 1 container Max pressure 200 bar
    Net weight : 300kg
  • ...
    Type 2 container Max pressure 250 bar
    Net weight : 510kg
  • ...
    Type 4 container Max pressure 350 bar
    Net weight : 640kg
The estimate shown is based on 2023 European market prices, it includes the cost of road transport, hydrogen loading and offloading, equipment depreciation & maintenance.

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