Air Flow Careers

Need for audacity and adventure
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At Air Flow, you will find the flexibility of a SME with the international view of a global company

We are bold…
Audacious… Adventurous…

You too? Join us!

Open Minded, Humility
Confidence, Agility

Air Flow team is a welcoming tight-knit unit

We have the taste to discover, to be curious and live unique experiences

Thanks to our job, we ship oxygen to hospitals, enable welders to complete major projects, we contribute to the development of a clean energy such as hydrogen and also put the bubbles in soft drinks. 😉

Air Flow : a worldwide group

Present on 4 continents, Air Flow will boost your career.

Driven by it’s growth, it offers new opportunities et the possibility of a career in English language.
With it’s open and respectful management style, simple information circuits and constant exchanges allowing a collaborative decision-making process.

You are looking to progress, to develop, to blossom!

So are we!
We are always looking for innovative solutions, and driven by our expertise, we can help you grow.

As we don’t drive, we offer to our adventurous employees:

  • Career evolution or new opportunities as the company grows
  • Possibility to move short or long term geographically
  • Agile and flexibility organisational skills
  • International jobs, a career in English

Air Flow an initial step in your international career

With us, training is key!

Mentoring and training is provided by the group this allows opportunities for their first job or those looking for a career change to qualify.

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