Our mission: To make gas products available to gas professionals

We aim to become the leading gas logistics specialist and to enable manufacturers to deliver gas wherever their customers need it.

The Air Flow Group is committed to supporting its customers with a high level of expertise and quality through its highly innovative solutions in gas transportation.

With a presence in 5 countries and extensive cryogenic and thermodynamic expertise, the Air Flow Group’s technical capabilities in gas transportation are now recognised all over the world.

Full control of the gas transport chain with our subsidiaries Cryo Logistics & Cryo Direct

Cryo Logistics – the world’s leading cryogenics platform!

As a specialist in shipping cryogenic or compressed gases, we can provide transport, technical assistance and other services, including pre-transport, export, loading and the handling of your containers.

Cryo Direct – cryogenic container rentals

Specialist in international container rental, Cryo Direct offers a safe and complete offer for the transport of all gases.

Air Flow, a group committed to developing the use of hydrogen,
the cleanest form of energy!

The Air Flow Group’s technical expertise has made it a key player in the transportation and distribution of hydrogen, the number one source of clean energy. Air Flow is committed to making clean and sustainable hydrogen energy a part of our daily lives by facilitating its transport and providing flexible solutions for developing new projects.