Come on hit the gas with us!

Here at Air Flow, it’s not just about air…
It’s about boldness…
And adventure…
And the will to succeed…

Sound like you? Then come and join us!

The Air Flow Team is friendly, supportive and open-minded.

We are keen to discover new things, curious about others and eager to share new and unique experiences.
Our job is to deliver oxygen to hospitals, to enable welders to tackle major welding projects, to support the development of clean energy sources such as hydrogen, and to put bubbles in fizzy drinks 😉

The Air Flow Group, a global company.

With a presence spanning across 4 continents, Air Flow can breathe new life into your career.
This growing company opens up new opportunities and the chance to follow career in the English language.
Its open and respectful management style, with simple information channels and regular communication, allows for collaborative decision making.

You are looking to progress, to develop, to blossom… in short, you are daring!

And so are we!
We are always looking for innovative solutions, and with our expertise, you can grow with us.

And since we are not short of air, we offer our adventurous employees:

  • Opportunities to move up or into new positions depending on the needs of the company.
  • Temporary or long-term mobility opportunities.
  • Agile and flexible organisation.
  • International positions, with a career in the English language.

Interested? Send us your application!

Air Flow, your first step towards an international career

Training – it’s what we do!

The mentoring and training provided free of charge by our group enables young people at the beginning of their careers, those who have lost their jobs or who are simply looking for a new one, to find employment and gain new qualifications.

Discover ours employment offers