Air Flow Hydrogen Services


Hydrogen is the energy of the future. It implies a major change in energy management policies, which will have to be organised around the production area, on a local scale; short transport chains, handling production surpluses, event-based use, and so on…

Thanks to Air Flow Hydrogen Services, transportation is no longer an issue. With flexible and safe solutions, we hope to make this sustainable energy source a part of our everyday lives, for a more sustainable future.

Air Flow Hydrogen Services can advise you on how to organise your new processes, so that, together, we can continue to work towards the solutions of tomorrow.

=> Do you have an idea, a project or an innovation in the field of hydrogen? As one of the world’s leading hydrogen logistics companies, we can offer you flexible solutions to help you bring your projects to life!

PGE logistics solutions, storing and transporting hydrogen in cylinders or isotubes.

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Hydrogen simulator

Evaluate cost of road transport & storage of your hydrogen

(Enter your daily consumption and the distance between production and consumption sites)

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  • Type 1 container Max pressure 200 bar
    Net weight : 300kg
  • Type 2 container Max pressure 250 bar
    Net weight : 510kg
  • Type 4 container Max pressure 350 bar
    Net weight : 640kg
The estimate shown is based on 2023 European market prices, it includes the cost of road transport, hydrogen loading and offloading, equipment depreciation & maintenance.