Great success in Bremen !

Our recent participation at this year’s #Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe was a success with our T4 Hydrogen Iso Tube container taking centre stage.

A great number of visitors discussed their current and upcoming hydrogen logistics requirements.
Mark Pett-Ridge, #AirFlow Project Manager: “our container raised a lot of curiosity and we were delighted to showcase our T4 #Container.

It was pleasing to discuss projects at an advanced stage or ready to operate as we discussed clear demands for transport solutions and rental of ISO tube containers.

As the leading supplier of rental gas containers, this is when we come into our element, providing solutions be it rental, with or without #logistics or Full Service we will propose a best solution for their operation.”

For more information, check out our website or contact our regional contacts.
Europe: Bruno Arfaoui
AME: Denis Roudaut
Americas: Carlos Castañeda
Australasia: Aloys Z.