Safety Policy

We, the Members of Air Flow, commit ourselves to take the utmost care to protect men and the environment.

To keep this strong commitment, we subscribe to the following principles:

  • Safety, environmental friendliness and quality are essential pre-requisites in all our activities,
  • Each one of us fully assumes his or her individual responsibilities regarding safety, environmental friendliness and quality,
  • This policy is daily implemented in our decisions and general behaviour.

We pool our best efforts to reach the following objectives:

  • Preventing and avoiding any accident,
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment to all our Employees, Clients and Sub-Contractors,
  • Providing reliable products and services, in compliance with the regulations in effect and focused on environmental friendliness,
  • Integrating Research & Development and the promotion of any technology, product or service likely to ensure the ongoing improvement of safety, environmental friendliness and quality,
  • Satisfying our Clients’ needs and expectations.

We are permanently committed to:

  • Acting in compliance with the regulations in effect and all other internal requirements or industrial standards,
  • Staying aware and knowledgeable of all risks and hazards linked with our activity in order to prevent and minimize them in a proactive manner,
  • Promoting the ongoing improvement of our performance levels in order to reach our objectives,
  • Sharing our experience and know-how in matters of safety, environmental friendliness and quality,
  • Promoting the enforcement of this policy to our Sub-Contractors and Partners,
  • Ensuring a shared awareness of respectful and responsible behaviours towards safety, environmental friendliness and quality by implementing training services and standards, or by providing suitable equipment items or aids and supports.

For us, safety is of the essence. It prevails on all marketing or financial stakes. Each decision that we make is assessed and measured versus safety.

Nathalie MOSCA
Directrice Générale