Bpifrance accelerates the development of Air Flow

Bpifrance invests 2,5 million Euros in the capital of the company.

Air Flow offers transport and storage solutions for cryogenic & compressed gases, market leader for the transport of cryogenic ISO tank containers. The company has developed patented technologies to improve the efficiency of cryogenic ISO containers. Thanks to these new technologies, Air Flow is now one step ahead of its competitors and increasing its market share.

Bpifrance has decided to partner this development with a major investment in capital of 2,5 million Euros. Pierre Fiat, CEO of Air Flow commented “Bpifrance sustains Air Flow for more than a decade thanks to its wide range of services and financing solutions. The investment of Bpifrance in our capital marks a very important milestone in our collaboration. We are now able to accelerate the development of our new technologies. With our new products, our clients save money and increase efficiency”

Marc Atanian, Investment Officer of Bpifrance said “We are very pleased to support Air Flow. With our program «Accelerator of small and medium business» we provide a wide range of financing solutions and services to enhance the development of companies. Air Flow has been elected to be one of the 60 first members of this program. It is also member of the group Bpifrance Excellence. Bpifrance is a partner of Air Flow for 14 years now, and we are very happy to accelerate its development with this capital investment”

About Bpifrance

Bpifrance’s capital stock investments are managed by Bpifrance Investissement. Bpifrance is a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts group and the French State, a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, supporting companies until their stock market listing via credit, guarantees and capital stock. In addition, Bpifrance provides guidance and extended support services for innovation, external growth and exports in partnership with Business France. Bpifrance offers companies a continuum of financing options for each key stage in their development, and a highly adapted range of regionally-specific services. With its 47 regional offices (90% of decisions are made at regional level), Bpifrance is a tool for entrepreneurial economic competitiveness.
Bpifrance operates as support to the public policy driven by State and Regional governments in order to meet three objectives:

  • support growth of small and medium businesses
  • prepare for future competition
  • contribute to the development of an economic ecosystem that favours entrepreneurial activity.

With Bpifrance, companies benefit from having a strong partner by their side, able to respond to all their financing, innovation and investment needs.

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